Suzuki Ignis hybrid

Suzuki Ignis Hybrid

The Ignis is another one of those models that are difficult to define, especially considering the six versions to choose from. For being below four meters (3,700 mm) we could say that we are in the presence of a city dweller. However, despite offering four seats, it goes far beyond urban use. In terms of silhouette and when viewed from the rear, it looks like a van. From the side, it resembles a small SUV. At the front, the light groups and the “leds” help to identify the modernity of this Suzuki, whose interior reveals the new trends in design and color combination. Also inside, modularity is achieved by symmetrically folding the rear seats.

In terms of aesthetic uncertainty, the straight lines and the proximity of some dimensions, such as the width/height (1690/1,545 mm) contribute to the ‘square’ shape of the second volume in this bodywork. However, the advantage of shape is found in the interior, when we analyze the dimensions of room and space for the head and shoulders, especially in the rear seats with longitudinal adjustment (165 mm). This Ignis comfortably accommodates four 6-foot-high adults, some luggage and still has some storage space, although the glove compartment is not the best.

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*campaigns, metallic paint and no administrative expenses

Accessing the interior of the Ignis is easy, both from the front and rear seats. The front seats, provide better support and comfort, while the rear, the existence of two seats, improves habitability. Also in relation to the rear seats, we highlight the access, due to the wide opening of the doors, with these reaching almost 90º.

For those who sit behind the wheel, the instrumentation guarantees a lot of information, both regarding the vehicle and related to the trip, while the existence of a central display (tablet type) improves information and provides intuitive operation. Under the bonnet, the four-cylinder gives some liveliness, with the 4 hp of the electric motor, giving precious help in transforming gasoline into 90 hp. In practical terms, on the instrument panel it is easy to follow the intervention of the electric motor and the respective depletion/regeneration of the small battery of 3 kW/h.

At the wheel, some of the advantages of the technologies applied in this Ignis are evident. The start&stop system grants noise and vibration suppression for a few seconds and at each stop. However, over 52 hours of use, the engine ‘shut down’ 1.9% of the time, that is, we saved 1.0 liter of fuel. On the other hand, the engine’s architecture and respective management allowed reaching 4.6 liters/100 km at an average of 43.0 km/h on a mixed route (AE+EN+Urbano).

When it comes to dynamic performance, we liked the efficiency of the braking system more than the suspensions, in a car that has a considerable and wide usage range. Well scaled, the five ratios contribute to the good performance and range of use of the engine speed. Above 2,000 rpm, the engine already reveals some liveliness, which can be exploited up to 6,000 rpm. A liveliness that matches the multicolor decor of this hybrid Ignis.

We liked – We liked +
– Limited to four places – transmission selector accuracy – Fuel economy
– Hybrid engine performance (90+4 hp)
– Habitability and modularity
– Standard equipment and active safety
– Intuitive instrumentation and information

Technical characteristics

Suzuki Ignis 1.2 GLX SHVS
motor 4 cyl 16 V 1,242 cc, Euro 6 + 4 hp electric motor
power kW(hp)/rpm 66 (90) / 6,000
binary Nm (kgm)/rpm 120 (11.8)/4,400
streaming Front, manual of five relations
rims – tires 16″ – 175/60 ​​R 16
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