New Mazda CX-30

Positioned between the CX-3 and 5, the new CX-30 is closer to the CX-3 as is the case with some dimensions and class 1 framing at tolls

In the highly disputed SUV market, Mazda places the new CX-30 which, despite being in an intermediate position compared to the 3 and 5, is closer to the CX-3. Proximity is revealed through the exterior measures, motorizations, and class 1 framing. With a total length below four and a half meters (4,395 mm), the CX-30 grants good levels of accessibility and habitability, with particular emphasis on the space. for the legs. 

As far as the engines are concerned, the well-known diesel 116 hp and 122 hp gasoline, manual/automatic transmissions with six ratios, and front or all-wheel drive. However, one of the advantages of this model is the panoply of Evolve and Excellence configurations. In the luggage compartment, 340 liters, adjustable to 1,406 litres.

base priceisvVATexpensespvp*BO
21,607.284,530.856,203.64830.0047,300.00€ 258.78

*includes sgpu+eco-value = 4.20 €

With good dimensions of habitability and modularity in the cabin, the CX 30 provides a good volumetry in the luggage compartment at 731 mm from the ground

As mentioned the accessibility quotas are good, but better for the rear seats than for the front ones. The accentuated inclination of the ‘A’ pillar and its extension end up conditioning the accessibility to the front seats. Once inside, we find good levels of habitability, both in the legroom and in the shoulders. The extension of the center console, which benefits the storage spaces, interferes with mobility between the front seats. The quality of the materials used and the high level of finish are one of the highlights of this CX-30, in which the control functions projected on the 8.8” central display are operated from a circular “joystick” placed on the center console. This configuration has some disadvantages such as setting a destination in the navigation,

ModelDimensions (mm)Luggage compartment/with folding seats (liters)
CX-34,2751,7951,535350 / 1,360
CX-304,3951,7951,540430 / 1,406
CX-54,5501,8401,780494 / 1,365

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To commands

The first impression we got has to do with the smooth running and some dynamic balance between the car and engine. At the wheel, this characteristic is evident in the handling when cornering, which results in a good level of driving comfort. Without the liveliness or brilliance of other engines, the 116 hp Diesel delivers pleasant gaits, in part achieved through the smooth scaling and handling of the six-ratio manual transmission. Another of the mechanical additions that we were pleased with has to do with the braking and suspension systems, both efficient and running smoothly. In a brief contact behind the wheel, we obtained an average consumption of 5.2 liters, calculated on a mixed route (AE+EN+Urban).

We liked –We liked +
– Navigation operability– Dynamic behavior 
– Standard equipment and active safety
– Rolling comfort
– Finishing and materials used
– Habitability and modularity

Technical characteristics

Mazda CX-30 1.8 Skyactiv-D
motor4 cil-16V, 1.759 cc, DOHC, Euro 6-Dtemp, DPF, SCR
power kW(hp)/rpm85.0 (116.0) /4,000
binary Nm (kgm)/rpm270.0 (26.5) /1,600~2,600
streamingfront, six-relation manual
rims – tires18” – 215/55 R 18
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