Renault Clio Sport Tourer 1.5 DCi Luxe

More than driving

On the outside it’s much more appealing compared to the previous model, while on the inside and in our opinion, it provides better room and ambience, but with less elaborate materials. At the wheel, the evolution is evident, both in dynamic terms and in terms of modernity, especially in the versions equipped with the Rlink. On a 7” display there is a lot of information and functions, in addition to SD and USB access. However, for versions equipped with this device, CDs are not worth taking.

Modularity and functionality

In our opinion the new generation of Clio has won in many ways! It has become more appealing in aesthetic terms, the brand image is benefited through the new framing of the logo, the optical groups follow the modernity emphasized by the daytime running lights on the fronts.
Regarding the cabin, we come across assessments that point in different directions! Regarding the materials used and finishing, we think that this Clio generation is inferior to the predecessor. However, when analyzing the dimensions of habitability, the luggage capacity (443 liters) and modularity (1,143 liters) are very good for a car with just over four meters (4,267 mm). Still inside and as an option, we can find the Rlink whose information and functionalities come through a 7” tactile display. Among other functions, we can find Bluethooth, audio commands, vehicle information and driving and navigation. In relation to the latter and considering the functions available, it is natural that they will have to take a few minutes to know how to configure the system and know how to remove all the potentialities of the GPS.

The Echo of the engine and other acronyms

One of the most important elements in this Clio Sport Tourer version is the 90 hp engine based on the 1.5 Dci block (1,461 cc). By means of a button (Eco) you can remove some of this engine’s genetics and start having smoother movements, with lower consumptions. On a road trip and with an average of 57.9 km/h we managed to reach 4.2 liters/100 km. In our opinion these numbers are remarkable, in a car that is proposed with five gears in the manual transmission. In suburban traffic and with lower averages, consumption was around 5.0 liters/100 km.
Another of the equipment we liked in this Luxe version is the Rlink (350 €) combined with the rear parking camera with an audible signal. Of the multiple functions that Rlink provides, the one that we used the most was GPS. The touch control simplifies the use of the equipment, but the way the sub-menus and some functions are arranged, require getting used to. At the end of each section, a trip report appears that allows us to assess driving, or compare styles of use.

To the commands of the ST

Despite slightly exceeding four meters in length, the ST is a light car (1,100~1,200 kg) and this feature helps in dynamic terms. However, it is the balanced performance of the suspensions and the precise steering that contribute most to good dynamic handling. When it comes to braking and at the rear, we would like to see ventilated drums replaced by discs in this car where the braking circuit is X-mounted and offers ABS+BAS+EBD.
Despite the van’s silhouette, the Clio Sport Tourer has some limitations if seen as a family car. One of these has to do with the rear habitability, especially when it comes to transporting 4 or 5 adults. Since the front seats are adjusted to carry people six feet tall, rear roomability is compromised in legroom. However, when evaluating the luggage compartment, it gives a depth of 830 mm to the back of the rear seats and just over a meter in width (1,011 mm) between the wheel arches. In practice, this means that we have 443 liters of volume and if the rear seats are folded, we can reach 1,380 liters and more than a meter and a half of usable length (1,616 mm).

We liked it more

  • dynamic behavior
  • Rolling comfort
  • Habitability in front
  • Luggage and modularity
  • fuel economy

Let’s eat less

  • Rear visibility without Rlink
  • rear habitability

Model/Version: Renault Clio Sport Tourer 1.5 DCi Luxe

Power: 66 kW (90 hp)/4,000 rpm
Torque: 220 Nm (21.5 kgm)/1,750 rpm
Consumptions Urb: 4.0; Ext-Urb:3.2; Combined: 3.4 l/100 km
CO2: 90 g/km
Averages: 4.2 l/100 to 57.9 km/h
Base Price: 15 €256.20
ISV: €2 252.91
VAT: 3 889, €43
Ecotax: €5.00
Documentation: €503.70
turnkey: 21 308.70 €
IUC: €130.10

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