Por qué un neumático más ancho se agarra menos en una superficie mojada

Why does a wider tire grip less on a wet surface?

The biggest drawback of driving with a wide wheel on wet ground is that the pressure per square centimeter of the wheel on the road is reduced, therefore, its grip is reduced.

What happens if I put wider tires?

The water in the center of the tire needs more time to evacuate, so the risk of hydroplaning is greater with a wider tire than with a narrow one.

If our car uses tires that are larger than those recommended by the brand and the accumulation of water on the asphalt is considerable, the average speed should be reduced by approximately 35%.

Therefore, if you choose tires that are wider than those indicated by the car manufacturer, it will slightly increase the grip in the dry, but it will worsen in the wet .

In addition, you can only install the measures that are specified in the vehicle’s technical sheet. Otherwise, the Inspection will not pass and the Police will be able to report you for not having an approved measure for your vehicle.

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