How much weight does the seat belt hold

How much weight does the seat belt hold?

Seat belts, invented by George Cayley in 1800, consist primarily of a polyester webbing wound on an automatic mechanism.

Seat belt functions

  • Pick up the strap to allow it to fit snugly against the wearer’s body
  • Retain said tape in the event of an accident, sudden braking or overturning.

How much weight can the seat belt support?

This device is capable of supporting up to 2,700 kilos, taking into account that the maximum weight that a shoulder can bear before suffering serious injuries is 900 kilos.

How much does the seat belt protect?

According to the WHO, the use of this system reduces the number of deaths by 45% and the risk of serious injuries in a collision by 70%.

After suffering an accident, the belts must be replaced.

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