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Best car jump starter

It may happen that you get in the car to go to work, or you are on a trip or excursion away from the town and that the car battery is discharged . It is not necessary that the battery is old or in bad condition, it can happen after a cold night or if we have left the lights on, for example, or we have left connected any accessory that discharges the battery.

In the old days, you needed to call roadside assistance, find another driver and have clamps or push the car to start (impossible in an automatic car).

Car starters, or battery jump starters, are the easiest way to start a car with a discharged battery, since they can start the car without depending on anything or anyone and are more practical, portable, light and cheap than a few years ago. thanks to lithium batteries.

Car jump starters have been around for a long time, but they were large and inefficient and had lead batteries. Although this type of car starter still exists, the new jump starters are more similar to powerbanks for mobile devices, but more vitaminized.

Shopping guide and opinions

Why is the car battery draining?

There are multiple causes, but the most common causes for having to use the jump starter are:

  • The car has been stationary for some time
  • Battery degradation. Exhaustion of shelf life
  • Alternator fault
  • Cold environment, the worst enemy of batteries
  • Lights, radios, accessories connected by mistake or too long of use with the engine off

What is a jump starter for?

When your car battery has discharged, the jump starter provides enough power to start the car. Then you can start driving and the car’s alternator will start charging the battery while driving.

Types of car jump starter

Due to the type of internal battery that they have, we find two types:

  • Car starters with lithium batteries
  • Starters with lead-acid batteries

What is better a lithium or lead-acid battery jump starter?

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There are people who believe that lead-acid car starters are more robust and reliable, because they have been on the market for a long time and are from good and well-known brands, but lithium technology has really advanced a lot.

Lithium batteries can have a much higher capacity in less than half the space than a lead-acid battery. Lead-acid models are usually quite bulky and weigh between 15 and 20 kg. A lithium starter weighs approximately 1 kg, although the larger models can reach almost 5 kg. Still, they are usually small enough to carry. In the glove compartment, instead of in the trunk.

Like the Powerbank, the lithium starters are rechargeable through USB ports and can be purchased from 50 euros, although the more powerful models are logically more expensive.

Lithium also holds a charge for much longer . Currently, lithium batteries hold their charge three times as long as lead-acid batteries.

The greatest advantage of lead-acid batteries was believed to be their performance in cold climates, however, that has also been surpassed by lithium, especially with the incorporation of technologies to protect batteries from the cold outside or to preheat them before their use. use.

Professional jump starters

Finally, now there are also high-power lithium starters , so that the idea of ​​professional or demanding uses no longer fits the size of these.

Finally, high amps are easy to come by in lithium starters these days, so they fit the concept of professional starters too , even if their size doesn’t show it.

Car Jump Starter Buying Guide

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The most appliances that we have selected have lithium – ion technology . Except for one that is lead-acid. There are already lithium starters with air compressor, so if you want that additional utility that years ago were reserved for starters with lead battery, you can now buy one with a lithium battery.

Tips for buying the best jump starter

• Amps

The amperage is the main characteristic that you must take into account to buy a car starter, the number indicates how much energy can be delivered to the car battery to start the engine.

Generally speaking, the bigger the motor, the higher amperage starter will be needed to start it.

There are three different types of amperage that we have to look at when choosing a starter:

  • Maximum Amperage: ( Peak Amps ): It is the maximum discharge that a starter can provide for a limited time (one to three seconds),
  • Cranking Amps: is the most stable discharge can be maintained for several seconds or even a minute in some models. It is the more realistic measure of the two, since it is the one that marks the ability to make the start
  • Cold cranking amps: It is the amount of amps that a device can supply at 0 °. If the appliance does not indicate cold cranking amps, it may mention operating temperatures.

Unfortunately, not all manufacturers show these three measures, many simply highlight the pico Ampere (Amp Peak) because it is a striking number.

The majority of cars , from compact to midsize SUV need 300 to 600 amperes (Peak Amp) to start, which can be easily achieved by a starter high quality with a nominal capacity of 1000 amperes peak. 

Trucks, on the other hand, might need 3000 to 5000 amp appliances (Peak Amp)

• Capacity

The capacity of a starter is related to how many times, or for how long, it can send power to the car battery . It also indicates how many charges it can provide to other devices, such as phones and tablets.

This is measured in milliamp hours (mAh), just like a normal powerbank. If you make long trips, have several cars or are dedicated to roadside assistance, this ability is essential, but even if that is not the case, it does not hurt to have a large battery for emergencies that may arise, or simply so that The built-in flashlight, always work for us.

Most car starters have more than 8,000 mAh, and a significant number of the newer ones have between 15,000 and 20,000 mAh. A 20,000 mAh battery will charge your phone about seven times.

The data that the manufacturers of jumpstarters claim is very varied, with products that claim that they can make from 20 to 80 starts on a single charge. Keep in mind that normally more amperage means lower battery capacity , so starters that have a high capacity and high amperage will probably be much larger than a normal powerbank.

• Construction quality and safety

The quality and reliability in the brand is very important because it is a product that can save you from being stopped or maybe you can lose your job because you cannot make it work.

Beyond the brands, there is the quality of the starter components and accessories. For example, batteries, especially lithium batteries, can be easily damaged if struck. Therefore, a sturdy outer shell is important , especially in dangerous roadside situations.

You also have to take into account the length and thickness of the cables , which are included with virtually all starters. (Yes, you still need to use alligator clips on these devices, although some newer models can charge the battery through your car’s cigarette lighter or 12V outlet.)

Most still use traditional cables and clips to connect to the battery posts. Make sure the cables are strong enough and won’t break . Most jump starters have short cables, 1.5 meters long. If the cables are longer, you can place the starter in a safer location than on top of the motor.

Finally, look at the tweezers . The more robust clamps will not come loose as easily when the engine starts, which could stop the recharging operation. It is important to look at its size, the shape of the claw and the teeth so that it fits well with the battery posts. Some appliances have protection against sparks when accidentally rubbed, and reverse polarity protection in case of misconnection, usually all of this is indicated.

• Additional characteristics

In addition to the ability to start the car, these devices often come with functions to help in an emergency. Most have flashlights. Some have USB ports (even USB-C with fast charging), 12V connections, and outlets that allow you to connect fans, work lights, or air compressors. Some go further and include built-in air compressors to meet other needs on the road, such as a flat tire.

Finally, look at the tweezers . The more robust clamps will not come loose as easily when the engine starts, which could stop the recharging operation. It is important to look at its size, the shape of the claw and the teeth so that it fits well with the battery posts. Some appliances have protection against sparks when accidentally rubbed, and reverse polarity protection in case of misconnection, usually all of this is indicated.

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Best car jump starters 2024

 ▷ Best all-purpose jump starter: NOCO BOOST PRO GB150

  • Maximum Amperage: 3000A
  • Engines up to 10,000 cc.

When automotive experts talk about starters, NOCO is surely the first name they name. The company has appliances ranging from small 500-amp starters to 6,250-amp stations. They also have industrial batteries in their catalog.LATEST

The GB150 starter is a great buy for both passenger car drivers and professionals . It offers 3000 peak amps, which is powerful enough to power almost any conventional car or truck, and one of the best discharge rates on the market. It can maintain a constant discharge rate for an extended period of time, even more than a minute, depending on the vehicle.

While it’s a bit pricey at around $ 300, the NOCO GB150 can start even large vans, and its peak power and constant discharge rates are worth it for the safety it conveys.

Cheaper options like the 4000A AUTOGEN offer similar results at peak power, and are a good option if you have a more limited budget and drive a large vehicle.

However, these devices are not considered as good as NOCOs in terms of discharge consistency or long-term reliability.

The NOCO has some disadvantages, such as that it does not come with a protective case, only a bag, it does not have a USB-C port, but it has Micro-USB. Regardless, its power and impressive discharge times make it one of the best value-for-money portable starters.

 ▷ Best selling car starter May 2024: YABER 1600A

The Yaber brand is known for its value for money electronic devices. Starters too and are always among the best sellers and highest rated on Amazon.

  • Maximum Amperage: 1600A
  • Capacity: 20000 mAh
  • Engines up to 7000 cc.

With its 1600 peak amps, it’s not as eye-catching as other more powerful starters, but Yaber offers precision and confidence. In buyer tests, Yaber starters have shown consistent figures near their maximum amperes. While the smaller 800 or 1000 peak amp models may not be enough to start large vehicles, the YABER 1600A starter will, and for a long time to come.

 ▷ Best value for money starter: NOCO BOOST Plus GB40

  • Maximum amperage: 1000A
  • Engines up to 3000 cc.

If you want a charger with NOCO reliability and your car doesn’t have a very big motor, the GB40 is the best starter you can buy . It is a high quality jump starter in its components and accessories, such as the clamps and its rugged finish. It also includes features of the higher models such as LED flashlight, spark protection and reverse polarity protection. With a whopping almost 40,000 ratings on Amazon, it is the best-seller in recent years.

 ▷  Best starter with powerbank: NOCO Boost X GBX45

  • Maximum Amperage: 1250A
  • Engines up to 6500 cc.

Almost all jump starters can be used as an external battery and charge other devices, but the Boost X GBX45 offers ultra-fast charging and recharging via USB-C . It also incorporates the new NOCO technology to release maximum energy at startup. For its price it is one of the best options of 2024

 ▷ Best cheap car starter: FLYLINKTECH

  • Maximum amperage: 800A
  • Capacity: 12000 mAh
  • Engines up to 4000 cc.

If you have a tight budget and your car is not too big, you will not have problems with this starter. It is a cheap but functional jump starter , well finished and with its LED flashlight for emergencies. You can use it as a powerbank and it has all kinds of safety protections, even reverse polarity. As if that were not enough, it has IP67 certified protection against water and dust, all for approximately 40 euros. Their opinions, almost all positive.LATEST

 ▷ Best starter with lead-acid battery: MAXTOOLS JS500A

  • Maximum Amperage: 2200A

For those who prefer a starter with classic lead batteries.

We remind you that it is a lead-acid starter, not lithium. This means that the capacity it has, for its size, is quite low and the self-discharge rate is much higher than a lithium battery, so it is necessary to recharge it approximately every three months. If you forget to do it, you will find yourself with a dead battery.

 ▷ Best air compressor starter: BuTure

  • Peak Amps: 2500A
  • Capacity: 23800 mAh
  • Engines up to 8000 cc.

If we want a complete emergency kit , the Buture starter is one of the best options. It has all kinds of safety protections such as reverse polarity or sparks. With it we can face the trips with more tranquility or simply to inflate or check our tires without depending on a gas station or also inflate things on our excursions or when we go to the beach. It has a starting capacity more than enough for any vehicle and a size more or less contained for everything it offers and a very cheap price .

 ▷ Best portable starter: Yaber 3 in 1

  • Peak Amps: 1200A
  • Capacity: 15000 mAh
  • Engines up to 6500 cc.

It’s hard to find a more versatile jump starter than this Yaber. For approximately 50 euros it offers us a jump starter with enough power for any medium or large car (up to 6500 cc.), A large capacity powerbank and a powerful 5000 Pa portable vacuum cleaner with its accessories. Its shape and size is ideal to store it in the glove compartment or in any hole inside the car to use it in an emergency or in daily use.

How do you use a jump starter? The safest way

Today’s car starters are easy to use and have more protections and safety systems than we could buy a few years ago. They are also much safer than using tweezers to bridge another vehicle, but it is essential to follow some guidelines so as not to damage any electronic component of the car or even the starter motor.

  1. Turn off the car.
  2. Place the jump starter in a safe and stable place, if the engine rattling can be avoided.
  3. Connect the cables correctly from the starter to the battery. (most modern starters have polarity reversal protection if we mess up)
  4. Connect the red clamp (+) to the positive terminal of the battery.
  5. Connect the black clamp (-) to the negative terminal of the battery.
  6. In addition to being in a stable place, the clamps must be well positioned. Starting can be abrupt and they could come loose, interrupting the maneuver or causing the clamps to touch (most starters have protection systems)
  7. Turn on the jump starter and wait a few seconds.
  8. Try to start the engine using the ignition key or the starter button. Do not insist more than 4 or 5 seconds or make many attempts in a row. We can waste the power of the starter, or even worse, we can damage the starter motor, which is a more delicate part than it is believed and expensive to replace.
  9. Keep the engine running for at least 15 minutes to get the alternator to work and recharge the battery, and then drive for at least 5 minutes to ensure an adequate level of battery charge.

Difference between starter and charger

As we have seen, the car battery jump starter is an autonomous system, equipped with its own battery, which allows us to revive the discharged car battery at a specific moment, enough to start and that it is the car’s alternator that charges the car battery.

However, a battery charger is a device that connects to the electrical network and allows recharging or even repairing a discharged battery by applying a small intensity of current.

▷ LIDL jump starter

LIDL jump starter features

LIDL sells a jump starter (currently out of stock) in its stores under the Tronic or Ultimate Speed ​​brands with a powerbank function and somewhat outdated specifications.

  • Maximum amperage: 800A
  • Capacity: 12000 mAh
  • LED Flashlight

LIDL battery charger and jump starter difference

Much more common for LIDL to put the legendary Ultimate Speed ​​charger on sale in its supermarkets at many times of the year (in different sizes and colors). Do not confuse it with a jump starter, this device is not used to start a car, it is to slowly charge a discharged battery.

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▷ Xiaomi battery jump starter

The 70Mai company of the Xiaomi ecosystem has a car starter large enough for passenger car engines up to 3000cc. with built-in flashlight and safety protections.

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Features of the Xiaomi 70Mai jump starter

  • Maximum amperage: 600A
  • Capacity: 11100 mAh
  • Engines up to 3000 cc.
  • LED Flashlight
  • Sheath

Buy Xiaomi starter

The Xiaomi car jump starter can be purchased in its official store, from here on Aliexpress with shipping from Spain and fast shipping.

▷ Battery starters. Offers on Amazon May 2024

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